Tatiana Koffman

Tatiana Koffman

Tatiana Koffman is an investor and author known for her weekly newsletter MythOfMoney.com. She recently secured a book deal with Wiley Publishing.

She's recognized for her expertise in finance and technology, and her insights have been featured in Forbes, CoinDesk, CNBC, the Economist, Business Insider, and TechCrunch.

Previously, Koffman wrote a popular Forbes Crypto column and worked on Venture Capital investments for Grammy-award-winning celebrities, including the Chainsmokers and Linkin Park, in Los Angeles. She began her career as a derivatives trader at TD Bank in Toronto and holds a JD/MBA from York University. She's also a member of the New York State Bar.

Koffman serves as a visiting lecturer on blockchain at UCLA and Pepperdine. Her writings are used in teaching at UCLA, Oxford, Sorbonne University, and the Michigan Law Review.


Investment Portfolio

Like many good things, we started small, investing in good people with great visions, and grew to where we are today.

We invest in founders first, and technology second. If you meet our founders, they all have in common - integrity, tenacity, and authenticity. Their visions are an extension of who they are, and we are proud to be aligned with them.

Blockchain, Gaming, AI

Flooz.Inc (Culture-first Web3 Wallet and Infrastructure)

Hashflow (Multiplatform DeFi Trading - backed by Dragonfly, Galaxy Digital, Kraken, Alameda, Naval Ravikant)

Anon.com (Stealth mode - backed by Blocktower Capital and Framework Ventures )

CoinMENA (Crypto exchange for the Middle East - backed by BECO)

Gameboard One (Digital table-top gaming, backed by Riot Games, TVC, SOSV)

AMINI (Bridging the data gap in Africa through Artificial Intelligence)

Consumer & Bio-Tech

MiniCircle (Genetic enhancement to facilitate life extension, backed by Robert Rhinehart, Sam Altman, Peter Thiel and Naval Ravikant)

Snack TBH (Healthy hazelnut spread, led by Noah Schnapp, Ba Minuzzi)

Winston House (Music venue in Venice,CA backed by entertainment industry leaders)

JungleTea (Healthy hard tea, backed by Rob Rhinehart, Founder of Soylent and John Fiorentino, Founder of Gravity Blanket)

Selected Writings

Academic Citations

University of Indonesia - Digital Silk Road, A Potent PRC Weapon